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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. vehicles buried in mud after a water pipe broke. here's a live look from sky 7 hd, cleanup is going on now. some neighbors evacuated from their homes. good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. that mess happened in the hillside park neighborhood along lausanne avenue. we have live coverage from amy hollyfield. >> reporter: the water main ruptured 5:45 this morning unleashing 45,000 gallons of water. it rushed down hill into a
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daly city neighborhood and brought the hill with it. mud filled streets and built a disgusting wall around several cars. concerned police officers ran from door-to-door to wake up the neighborhood. >> they ran at 5 in the morning several times and i woke up what is going on. they are like there's a mudslide you have to evacuate. >> reporter: members of the wong family had no idea how long they would be out of their home they packed two days worth of clothing and tried to navigate through the mud and water at 5:00 in the morning with suitcases. >> they said there's an evacuation center across the street from our house we couldn't get there because of the mud. >> reporter: when the sun came up she saw her car halfway covered in mud, sinking by the minute. >> it makes me want to cry it was my first car. >> reporter: after they stopped the water authorities decided to keep eight homes evacuated because of concerns the hillside could give way.
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the victoria family left at 5:00 and told not to return. >> i was first in shock, secondly, afraid didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: red cross set up a relief center. the family stopped for a restroom break and a place to sit and wait for news. the cleanup effort involves heavy equipment and residents using their gardening tools. some giving into it and tackling it in their flip-flops. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: take a look at this live picture of the mess the good news is evacuated residents have been cleared to go back to their homes if they can get to them. it has been tough to find your way around this mud, it is a hassle, thick, messy hassle. they tell me they've towed one car out of this mess, they've
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moved two they don't have a good count of how many more they are tying get out. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. -- a lot of folks were late for school or work today. live look at sky 7 hd at the neighborhood, my goodness, this is the hillside that partially washed away and sent a torrent of mud to the streets below. >> you can see all those homes directly impacted. some thought the water tank above them broke. now officials are telling us, that is not the case. terry mcsweeney continues our coverage. terry is it? >> reporter: san mateo fire got a call 4:20 this morning, water and mud flowing down the hill, they found out it was a broken water pipe, up the hill huge water tank there and eight inch pipe had given way. as a result of that, this is what happens after tens of thousands of gallons of water cascaded down the hill. water resources spokesman says
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his department got word 4:40 this morning, 15 minutes after the initial report of the break. daly city water resources shutdown the valve. had that valve not closed this could have been worse. you have a million gallons in the tank up the hill. >> it is a cast iron pipe measure 45,000 gallons of water we took the water level at the time before it broke when we isolated it, ice isolated that valve. >> the hillside was the biggest concern with regard to those homes untiluuuuuuuuuuuuuu├▒
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the founder of mcafee security software john mcafee is wanted for the murder of a neighbor in belize where he lives. he is in hiding. his 52-year-old neighbor, another american was found with a gunshot wound to the head. in a series of interviews, mcafee claims he's innocent, being framed and is only hiding from police fearing they will kill him. the port of oakland's executive director has stepped down in the middle of a strip club scandal a story you saw
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first here. omar benjamin provided abc news with a statement he accepted responsibility for his actions and apologizes. he was on leave following allegations one of his top aides spent $40 00 in public money -- spent $4500 in public money at a strip club, benjamin was at the club. two days from the crab season. this year prices are still up in the air. local fishermen say fewer crab will mean higher prices and competition is fierce. majority is caught within first six weeks. season. >> when they do go out what is it going to be like? >> calm the first 48 to 72 hours, showers friday cooler and another storm coming down from alaska which means cold rain and maybe mountain snow
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i'll tell you when that gets in our forecast. how crowded are the roads going to be this holiday season? travel experts reveal their forecast. new soft drink that claims it can cut down on fat. what health experts
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the number of americans hitting the roads this thanksgiving is expected to increase from a year ago. aaa released annual travel forecast this morning. dramatic drop in gas prices should help travel. aaa predicts 43.6 million will drive other fly at least nifty miles from home over thanksgiving up to 7/10 of a percent from last year. right now tens of thousands are awaiting anxiously across northern australia to find out whether clouds will part in time for a total eclipse of the sun. it is going to start after sunrise in australia, 12:30 our time. meteorologists predicting clouds that could spoil the view.
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totality is the darkness that happens at the peak of the eclipse going to last a little more than two minutes you can watch it live go to click on see it on tv. mike talking about how things are going to be for us on our coast. >> warmer outside already today, warmer weather on the way for tomorrow. this time of the year, it won't hang around long, get out there and enjoy it while you can. good morning, high pressure, you can see it traps a little pollution, humidity in the lower levels that have why we have some haze not a spare the air day. we look from mount tamalpais towards mount sutro some of the haze over the bay water. live doppler 7 hd, radar returns are few and far between today, friday's forecast more likely. we are still picking up high clouds that is going to mix with our sun and keep today interesting to go out and
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maybe look at some of those cloud formations. higher clouds going to be most prevalent from the bay north from the bay southward more sunshine and less high clouds. they are not doing much to dim the heat that the sun provides, still in the 60s everywhere at this hour, 59 oakland, 54 san rafael, 59 fairfield cooler spots around the monterey bay extra sun, everybody in the 60s except santa cruz 59┬░. let's talk about this cycle. today, mostly sunny and warmer, warmest day tomorrow, then unsettled and cooler towards thursday, friday especially sunday and monday. today, everybody positive, one degree warmer oakland and santa rosa, five degrees in concord and san francisco, six in san jose, nine degree jump in fremont, 69 today mid to
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upper 60s bay shore inland, low to mid 60s coast some areas around the monterey bay with extra sunshine may hit 70 mid to upper 60s for everybody else. around the state, eureka 59, 68 sacramento, fresno, sunshine 71 big sur, 61 yosemite, low to mid 80s palm springs and los angeles, san diego 77. no need to worry about frost tonight, a few high clouds again with modifying air mass not going to cool as much overnight the only 30 at the reporting station is fairfield 39. tomorrow morning may hit 30 deeper inland valleys, officially upper 40s low 50s bay shore to the coast. next system not coming from the north high pressure is governing jet stream almost dew west storm system out to the west comes from the west when we see the increase in
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clouds and the cooling that will be because of the sea breeze thursday system comes in friday from the west, not a cold core system sill in the 60s with a chance of showers. saturday a break, different system comes from alaska sunday and monday, temperatures struggle by monday to get out of 50s. healthy rain sunday and monday, friday, not so much. we've all had diet soda. new pepsi drink claims it can cut the fat in your body. pepsi special hit the market today in japan. soda infused with dextrin the same fiber found in many popular supplements sold in the u.s.. does it work? >> if i was trying to lose weight would you advise me to drink this soda? >> absolutely not, it is not healthy, >> i've read this, >> we are calling it pepsi
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poop. >> nice. the nutritionist add there is is no is up thing as healthy soda, pepsi special does contain calories no word on if and when it may go on sale in the u.s.. new study stanford claims humans have been steadily losing intelligence, professor says advances in technology have made survival less stress and we no longer need intelligence to survive. he speculates as mutations in the human brain and erosion in intellectual capabilities he says we probably peaked as hunter gatherers when we were nonverbal. >> we have to multi-task these days you can argue that will make us more intelligent. >> still thinking about that diet drink. next, the sun is setting
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on the twilight movie series. >> thousands turn out to see the stars in los angeles.
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coming up at 3:00 on katie, wrongly convicted. celebrating freedom. at 4:00, new study on
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parkinson's. at 5:00, you may no longer need to fast before one common medical test. those stories and more later today. the sun is setting on the twilight movie series this is a look at the black carpet premiere last night in los angeles fans who had been camping out for days got a chance to see the stars. >> one of the stars let a secret slip he says there's a twist at the end of the movie.e]
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